We leverage IoT & AgTech

To support Urban Farms

GrowBug Smart Irrigation System

GrowBug is smart. It knows when to irrigate, and when NOT to irrigate. It’s programmed to let the soil dry out a just the right amount before watering again. It even watches the weather forecast so that it doesn’t water when rain is on the way.

It’s smart about choosing between different water supplies. It works automatically , but it also puts the control in your hands when you want it. Monitor and control remotely, or just set it and forget it.

Urban Farm Consulting

GrowBug is more than “just a product”. It’s part of a larger Metro Smart Farm Solution that includes:

  • Consulting services to make the most of your Urban Farm
  • IoT hardware and software for monitoring, control, and analysis
  • Mobil App to control GrowBug remotely
  • Independent monitor and control of up to 8 different zones.
  • Uses combinations of rain water, wells, and municipal water.
  • Runs with alternative energy sources including solar and wind power.
  • Multiple options for Internet connectivity.