Solar Panels for Solar Energy

No power? No problem.

GrowBug uses your existing power if available. But if it’s not, it runs on solar power that we install for you.


Water sources for Growbug

GrowBug is smart about water usage. It uses a combination of collected rainwater, well water, and municipal water. If collected rainwater gets depleted, it uses well water as a backup. If well water is not available, then it uses the municipal supply.

GrowBug saves money on water and is good for the environment.


GrowBug connects to your existing WiFi, or we can bring WiFi to your hoop house.

GrowBug also has options to connect to the internet over a very affordable cellular data plan, or even over your power lines.


GrowBug runs automatically. But you can also monitor and control it remotely using our Smartphone App and website.